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How Do Hiring Companies Beat the Skills Shortage in IT Jobs?

A Serious Issue Only the Best Companies Know How to Tackle

The skills shortage in IT jobs is inhibiting the development of your company. You need a skilled and innovative workforce to accomplish your goals, but you can’t find the talent you require to grow in 2021 and beyond. You’re worried about your future.

You’re right to be concerned. According to Korn Ferry, the global talent shortage is predicted to reach 85.2 million workers by 2030. McKinsey has identified data analytics and IT as the two business areas in highest need of addressing skills gaps.

Yet, IT jobs fiercely dominate America’s best job rankings. It’s time to shift your focus in your hiring strategy. Read on to discover the tactics you can apply to stand out against your competitors when hiring for IT jobs.

Review Your Job Description

Too many employers get their job description wrong:

  • They rarely review it
  • Applicants are confused and apply anyway – suffocating the recruitment process
  • Interviewers don’t know who they’re looking for – and a poor candidate is employed
  • Your current workforce is left frustrated and distorted
  • Your company suffers financial loss and employee attrition

Before you recruit, get your job description right. Pinpoint who it is you need. Clarify the essential and desirable skills. Eliminate unqualified candidates with clear requirements. Then sell your company with a polished description of your culture, vision, and qualities.

Salary Assessment

A concise job title and requirements should set a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, and be accompanied by a salary that reflects them. Make sure that what you’re offering is at least in line with your market competitors, and clearly outline potential salary development upon achievement and professional progression.

Review the Perks

Though salary needs to be reflective of the role, it’s not always the deciding factor for the best candidates.

The pandemic put wellbeing and a work/life balance in the spotlight for many. Perks such as gym memberships, paid tuition, counseling support, and flexible working arrangements are high on the wish lists of talented tech candidates, who also view them as an insight into a company’s efforts toward staff and their culture.

Look In-House

Tech employees like career development. They love to move forward, find solutions, and evolve. Career progression will be on their radar even if they don’t vocalize it. Provide regular reviews and informal chats to understand your people’s career goals. Give them the tools and tuition they need to progress – and reap the benefits of their skills and returned loyalty.

Focus on Employer Brand

Your reputation as an employer is influential, and it’s public. Candidates turn to company review sites. Make sure that what they find is a diverse, supportive, and inviting work culture they will want to call home.

Work on Passive Candidates

The majority of highly-skilled tech people are happy in their current jobs, because their employer is working hard to retain them. LinkedIn found 70% of the global workforce aren’t actively looking for jobs, yet 87% would consider new opportunities.

Don’t sit waiting for cold applications. Invest time and resources into nurturing these warm leads.

Implement an Employee Referral Scheme

With your strong employer brand, satisfied current employees will be incentivized to recommend a good candidate – a trusted and cost-effective source of headhunting.

Sharpen Your Recruitment Process

You may have followed all the tips so far, only to stall at a clunky recruitment process. The best candidates are hired quickly. You must ensure your hiring process is streamlined, candidates are updated throughout the process, interview panels know what they’re looking for, and you’re offering the best candidate the role soon after they’ve been interviewed.

Utilize a Specialist Staffing Agency

Partnering with a specialist staffing agency will provide you the strongest advantage in hiring the most skilled candidates for your IT jobs. Here at NexTech, we:

  • Already have a nurtured talent pool rich with skills
  • Can provide contract and contract-to-hire options to suit your fluctuating client demands and projects, with the potential to directly hire a well-suited contractor at the end of the assignment
  • Can expertly comprise an accurate and effective job description for each role
  • Provide expert salary advice in line with current markets
  • Respond quickly to acquire cost-effective skills for your needs
  • Eliminate a time-consuming and costly recruitment process, bringing only the best to the interview stage

Leave the IT Jobs Skills Shortage to NexTech

The tech skills shortage is undoubtedly a problem for hiring companies. This is why savvy companies do talent hiring differently and develop a partnership with a specialist staffing agency.

Having NexTech on your side provides a laser-focus on ensuring your IT jobs are filled with the best skills, when you need them, leaving you to focus your time and resources on business growth.

Contact NexTech today for a refined and high-spec skills search for your IT jobs.

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