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Want to Land More Appealing Technology Jobs? Read This!

Your Guide to Career Success

Are you searching for technology jobs but can’t seem to find what’s right for you? Stop. Halt the search, and read this article first.

The thing is, there is more to job searching than simply looking for open vacancies. Only 65% of Americans are fully satisfied with their job. Yet, job satisfaction is crucial for healthy professional and personal wellbeing.

You must understand what truly appeals to you in technology jobs. Because great jobs really are out there, offering you most – if not all – of what you desire from your career.

How do you land the most appealing technology jobs? Know what you want and make yourself more appealing. Here, we show you how.

Set Out Your Goals

Know what it is you want from your career. Your priority must not be to fill an organization’s staffing void, but to fill the void in your career. Consider your skillset, the skills you’d like to gain, and what kind of opportunity, role, or employer can help you do this. You should also think about what you want from a technology job compensation-wise.

The answer isn’t always salary. In fact, more than half (55%) of employees would at least consider a lower-paying job with better benefits. Consider:

  • Flexibility
  • Working from home
  • The use of certain technology, or gifted gadgets
  • Working for a specifically innovative technology organization (career progression)
  • More paid time off

The best technology jobs are the ones that you choose for yourself. If you are not passionate about your work, it will show in your work and ultimately lead to a low salary and career regret.

Learn What Employers Want

As technology continues to advance, it becomes harder and harder for people to find the best jobs for them. It is important that you learn what employers are looking for, so that you can build your skillset in a way that will make you more marketable, but most importantly to hit the ground running in a suitable technology job for your skillset.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a position that will allow you to use your skills in a way that will make an impact on the world and give you professional fulfilment.

Don’t Forget Culture

Company culture refers to the work environment, climate, and employee experience in the workplace. It is a crucial consideration in your job search, because the right company culture will provide you with a sense of belonging and meaning, and allow you to enjoy your place of work for the long term.

Therefore, when searching for technology jobs, check out companies’ cultures, and consider whether their values align with yours. If they do, you’re looking at a bright and satisfying future with a potential employer and supporter.

Make Yourself More Appealing

Now you know what you want from your employer, it’s time to ensure you appeal to them and land your perfect technology job. Make sure you:

·      Upgrade Your Knowledge and Skills

Proactively keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of technology makes you increasingly attractive and valuable to employers.

·      Compose a Professional Resume and Keep It Updated

Your resume is your professional snapshot that will get you an interview. Make sure it highlights concise evidence that you’re the best person for the job, and commit to keeping it updated.

·      Align Your LinkedIn Profile with Your Resume

Recruiters and employers are heading to LinkedIn to ensure your profile matches your claims on your resume. Make sure they portray the same professional technology candidate you say you are, and maximize your chances of being a standout candidate.

·      Nail Your Interview Skills

Don’t let poor performance in your interview ruin your chances. Prepare. Make sure you’re dressed professionally, and that you’re engaging. You must also think about the skills they need for the role, and what questions they might ask you to prove you have them. Researching the company’s visions and accomplishments will help you prepare a couple of excellent questions, too.

We’re Here to Help

Here at NexTech, we understand your desire to find the best technology jobs, and help you land them. We’re experts in the technology industry, and have many of the latest technology jobs you won’t always find on mainstream jobs boards.

More importantly, we help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so that we can assist you in finding the most suitable and rewarding technology jobs that compliment your skillset and personality. We then provide the expert tips on resumes and interviews to help you achieve your goal.

Ready to make a start? Contact NexTech Solutions today.

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