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How to Compose a Knockout Job Description for IT Jobs

You’ll Be Surprised What You’re Doing Wrong

If you’re trying to fill your IT jobs with talent and having no success, you may be falling at the first hurdle: the job description.

Think you’ve got yours right? Maybe you should review it. According to a survey by Allegis Group, 72% of hiring managers claim they provide clear job descriptions, while only 36% of candidates agree.

Job descriptions are an important part of recruiting and should not be taken lightly. Composing an effective job description will help your company beat the skills shortage. Here’s what to do.

Review the Job Role First

Keep pinging over the same job description you have done for years? Yet the industry and job has changed drastically. Not updating the duties and responsibilities of the job will increase your risk of attracting ill-fitting applicants. You’ll waste time and make a costly poor hire.

Go through the job role again and update it to be in line with the current market. If there has been a change in culture, such as more diversity or customer service, then you need to add these changes as well.

By updating the job role before writing a job description, it will be easier for your applicants to know what they are signing up for, and what your hiring manager is hiring for.

Set the Tone for Your Culture

Why is it important to describe your company culture in the job description? Because doing so helps to attract the right type of candidate. It can make a huge difference in a candidate’s decision to apply.

Your company culture is what makes your company special and unique. It is your company’s personality. To be successful, you must know what makes your company unique and ascertain that your applicants are compatible.

This also sets a standard for candidates to follow should they board your ship. This can help maintain culture consistency, and prevent potential issues caused by professionally cultural clashes.

Get Your Audience Right

You must be meticulous in getting the balance right on who your job description appeals to. You don’t want to oversell the role to everyone. You’ll be drowning in unsuitable clients that slow your hiring process to a crawl. Be concise about what is essential of your candidates to fulfil the role.

Take care not to eliminate talented candidates by being too strict with your criteria. For example, highly qualified candidates may be deterred if you ask for more years of experience than they have. Think about what is most important to the team to deliver.

Dodge the Cliches and Dullness

Drop the mundane cliches everyone else is using. Ensure your job ad shines with innovation, creative flair, and a reason for even passive candidates to want to join your expanding and lively organization.

Review Your Perks

What you offer as perks reflects your culture. Today, people want flexibility and wellbeing support such as gym memberships and counseling. Financial compensation is important but won’t sell the job to the highest-quality candidates.

Think About Salary

Whether to advertise the salary on a job description is a common question. There are multiple opinions on this topic. If you do include a salary in the job ad, make sure that it is in a range that is competitive for the IT job you wish to fill.

Make Applying Easy

Ensure your hiring process is smooth and efficient for talented tech-minded individuals. A clunky process could lose you some great individuals.

Check for Mistakes

A simple yet important task – make sure you look as professional as you’d expect your candidates’ resumes to be, and have your job description checked for spelling and grammatical errors.

Don’t Post on Jobs Boards

Post it to as many people as possible, right? Wrong. You’ve taken the time the perfect a highly effective job description. Your last task is to ensure the best candidates see it first. Get in touch with a specialist recruiter.

Put Your IT Jobs in Front of the Best Talent

At NexTech, we take time to discover who it is you need for your business. Tell us all about you, your mission and staffing needs, and help us create a picture of the perfect candidate.

We’ll get to work and, if we don’t have them already in our talent pipeline, we’ll use our expertise and well-oiled network to ensure you receive the best candidate available. Start your hiring journey now – contact NexTech today.

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