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How to Sell Your Information Technology Jobs

Turning the Hiring Tables

When you’re hiring for information technology jobs, do you know the difference between advertising them, and selling them to the most skilled tech candidates?

In a tech skills shortage, you must revamp your hiring strategy. Especially to attract the best tech people who are likely already employed –  the 73% of people who are passive candidates and not looking for a new job. Posting a job ad on a jobs board is very different – and very ineffective – in comparison to selling what you can offer to the most suitable candidate.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board and give your hiring technique an overhaul – so that even passive candidates pay attention. Let’s talk about how you must sell your IT jobs to the most talented tech people, to make yours an opening they cannot refuse.

1.    Make Your Job Description Appealing

The job description can be a major factor in finding talent. Creating a ‘pitch’ that is irresistible to the right candidates will help to attract and engage them.

To make a job post powerful, it should be comprehensible and ooze appeal. Yes, the post must be clear and error-free as well as maintain an appropriate level of detail. But add some unique charm, excitement, and personality – if you’re a fun kind of company to work for, why not sprinkle a dash of humor?

The world of tech is innovative, slick, and future-focused – make sure your job description is too.

2.    Ask Your Candidate – What Do They Want?

Many businesses spend a lot of time telling candidates what they want from their workforce. Turn the tables. It’s time you became the standout employer. Directly ask your favored candidate what it is they want from you. You’ll discover what motivates them – you may be surprised how this can differ from one candidate to another. For example:

  • Some will want a high-paying salary – perks are a side note to them
  • Others would prefer a slightly lower salary in return for some flexibility
  • Others may want accelerated support in career progression

When you know what an individual wants, a bespoke job offer could easily encourage them to sign on the dotted line.

3.    Tell Them Why They’d Be Great with You

Often, hiring managers focus on asking a candidate why they think they fit the job description. Turn the tables. Boost their confidence and demonstrate that they are the important piece you are missing by explaining why they would be great in the job.

This allows them to see that you believe in their ability, and that you’ll champion their skills. If they had any concealed doubts, you’re selling the role to them and encouraging them to make the move. There is no better feeling for a candidate than a supportive, encouraging employer.

4.    Bring Career Progression into the Spotlight

We’ve mentioned career progression as a motivator for some. And while others may prefer other factors such as salary or perks, we all crave self-development, especially professionally. Nobody wants to be stuck in a dead-end job.

Even those who are more money motivated will begin to explore their options. In the fast-paced, ever-developing tech industry, career progression is critical. Essential, in fact, to progress and remain relevant.

So, don’t wait for the candidate to ask. Make career progression a big issue in your pitch to candidates. Raise the subject, promoting all the plans you have in place for your workforce. Talk about how their progress will be reviewed and monitored. Outline the finances and resources the business has in place to support their goals.

Most importantly, ask the candidate how far they’d like to take their career with you, and what tools they need to help them achieve it. Give them a reason to envision an exciting future with your company.

We Know What the Best Candidates Want – And Where to Find Them

We’ve outlined some very effective ways to sell your IT jobs. But the truth is, it can be very difficult to gauge what a candidate really wants, professionally and personally. Firstly, they may be trying to be someone they’re not, for many reasons. But the more damaging consequence is that without having a candidate in the interview room (in person or virtually), you can’t ask these questions.

This is where NexTech can make a colossal difference to your appeal. We’re a specialist agency. We have the talented tech candidates you need for your IT jobs, and know where to find passive candidates. We also know what they want already.

With a strong understanding of your business requirements, we present to you nurtured, well-matched candidates who are the best in the business.

Ready to see for yourself? Contact NexTech Solutions today.

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