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8 Shocking Mistakes to Avoid in Virtual Interviews

How Tech Jobs Opportunities Are Wasted You’re progressing well in your applications for jobs in technology. You have received several invitations for virtual interviews. You should be excited at the prospect of coming closer to landing your dream tech job. Instead, you’re overcome with nerves. You haven’t yet been invited for a second interview. In a survey conducted by Small Business Trends asking people what makes them most nervous, job interviews came in higher than a visit to the dentist. According to Handshake, 89% of organizations are now conducting interviews virtually. Whether you’re a confident interviewee or riddled with nerves, you’re at risk of blowing a successful outcome if you make the mistakes we commonly see in virtual interviews. Read on to discover all you need to know to exhibit the promising candidate you are in virtual interviews. Mistake #1: Being Unprepared Being unprepared is a risky business in any…

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Information Technology Jobs: Never Stop Updating Your Skills

The Importance of Skills in the Job Market Skills are always in high demand, especially in IT…

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How To Attract Quality Candidates for IT Jobs in Tennessee

Why You’re Not Getting Quality Candidates for IT Jobs and What To Do About It The demand…

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Want to Land More Appealing Technology Jobs? Read This!

Your Guide to Career Success Are you searching for technology jobs but can’t seem to find what’s…

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